Everything You Need to Know to Mint Your First Piece

Crypto Art, NFTs, and the New Wave of Art Collecting

If you’re here, I’m guessing you’ve heard the phrase “NFT” once or twice — or 18 times — this week alone. And you might be wondering what this wave is doing, crashing into the art scene like a tsunami, or you might be ready to mint your first piece.


The Inclusivity and Opportunity of the NFT Space

Crypto art by author-artist Sophie Sturdevant

I am analog in every sense of the word — I still read the newspaper, I scour new cities to find old bookstores, and when it comes to my artistry, I’m “pen to paper” all day, baby. (For context, this has nothing to do with my age; I’m a millennial…

Because, as an Artist, It’s Easier Said Than Done

This One’s For My Suffering Artists

I have an ugly confession to kick this one off today: I do not *inherently* believe in myself. Now, before anything else, I need to preface this article with the following: This is not a pity party. This is not a means to fish for compliments. …

10 Daily Reminders to Stay the Course of Authenticity

Start With a Self Audit

Most of my biweekly Medium articles are tactical tips for artists: pricing strategies, tools to navigate NFTs as a traditional artist, a how-to guide for sustainable art success…that sort of thing.

Today, though, is a little more personal. Because I can’t help but believe that the more we’re inundated with…

And Make Your Best Artistic Work Yet

“I’m Not a Painter”

Above any other tangible “role,” outside of relational roles (sister, daughter, partner, friend), I am an artist. More than a writer, a content creator, a consultant, etc., I am an artist. …

(Applicable Outside NFTs, too)

If you’ve ever Google searched “how to price my artwork,” you’ve probably found yourself more confused than when you started. And if you’ve ever Google searched, “how to price my NFTs,” you’ve probably found nothing at all. Which is more confusing than anything.

Here’s the thing: The game is early…

And How to Avoid Those Pitfalls for Sustainable Success

First Things First: There’s No One Way to Be an Artist

I’ve been documenting much of my NFT journey over the last few months, providing instructional insight, creative inspiration, and pep talks (mostly for myself) about once a week.

The most common — and most appreciated! — feedback I’ve received is: “This is great advice for NFT artists *and* artists in…

There Are Two Ways to Play This Game — But Only One Promotes Longevity

Why Aren’t I Selling?

In all the communication I’ve had with the NFT community since entering the space in late 2020 — with the exception of “Can I get a Foundation invite?” — I’m posed this question more than any other:

How come I’m not selling like other artists?

Here’s the short answer: The…

A Workshop in Creativity, à la Mark Rothko

Today’s topic is a fun one — less of an article, more of a digital workshop.

I’ve shared this will small groups of people in creative workshops IRL, and in direct messages, and have gotten the coolest photos returned to me of those that have implemented the following strategy.

Now, it’s a little bizarre, too, but it’s real, and that’s what I’m here for anyway. Aside…

And a Kick-in-the-Ass Reason to Stay the Course of Creating

As we stand on the edge of (or as we sprint into, really) a powerful and pivotal creative renaissance, there’s something I’ve been sitting on for a while. It’s the concept of Creative Responsibility, having come to me in a “download,” almost, while meditating one evening in the quiet of…

Sophie Sturdevant

Chicago-based artist-writer, talking about creativity as our greatest responsibility. Expert in copywriting for multi-million dollar brand launches.

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